RamonEdge Blades Compatible With Bauer size chart

Tuuk LS2D254254263263272272280280288288296296306322
Tuuk LS2EE254263263272272280280288288296296306306322
Tuuk Light Speed EdgeD254254263263272272280280288288296296306322
Tuuk Light Speed EdgeEE254263263272272280280288288296296306306322

Tuuk LS2DN/AN/AN/AN/A230230238238246246
Tuuk LS2EEN/AN/AN/AN/A230230238238246254
Tuuk Light Speed EdgeD212212221221230230238238246246
Tuuk Light Speed EdgeEE212212221221230230238238246254


BOOT SIZE6-6.57-7.58-8.59-9.510-10.511-11.512-12.5
Normal ModelT3-6T3-7T3-8T3-9N/AT3-11T3-12
Model Heel Increase 25 N/A N/A N/A T3-925 N/A N/A T3-1225
Model Heel Increase 35 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A T3-1230

RamonEdge Inc. replacement blades compatible with BAUER, RBK, CCM, EASTON and GRAF. BAUER, TUUK, TUUK LIGHTSPEED2, TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE Trade marks are properties of  Bauer Hockey corp. GRAF Trade mark is property of Graf & Co. EASTON Trade mark is property of  Easton Sports Inc. RBK Trade mark is property of  Reebok International Limited. RamonEdge Inc. replacement blades compatible with BAUER TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE not for sale in North America.