The story of RamonEdge

RamonEdge has won its place in the world league of blade manufacturers. How, you ask?


A masterful man of steel enters the rink

As he was watching the fire-red sparks showering from the blade being sharpened by the equipment manager behind the scenes of an ice hockey rink, Paavo Rämö knew that there was a better way.

What Rämö knew better than any other equipment manager was steel: and the sparks meant that the blade was becoming too hot, changing its properties, quenching it, and making it harder, yet more brittle.

A professional in the machine industry, Rämö was well-acquainted with metal and thus able to develop the best treatments, materials, and tools for blades. Rämö’s interest led him to manufacture the blades by himself from scratch. The same development gave birth to RamonEdge’s trademark: the first black blade in the market.

Rämö understood the role that the right profile played in peak performance. He honed his profile models together with players, for the players. An expert’s love for his craft showed in each unique, peak-quality blade, and word of this blade master got about in the locker rooms.


New allies strengthen the team – and the game keeps heating up!

In 2009, Rämö met Pasi Pulkkinen – in the rink, of course, and the idea of tailored blades was forged into what ultimately became RamonEdge. Just like the refined profile of RE blades further reinforcements gave the team more power to shoot for gold.

In the past ten years, RamonEdge has garnered an international reputation among top players and stayed on top of the competition. The expertise of a single machine shop has spread worldwide, and the international Service Centers carry on this valuable work.

The blade is only a material vessel for the love for the craft and the sport. What RamonEdge has always been famous for is customer satisfaction: perfection on ice.


Forward! There is no stopping on the winning path

The success of RamonEdge continues to grow. The quantity of satisfied customera and the company’s contract players all speak for RamonEdge’s high-quality service and product. Once you have secured a spot in the toughest international league, it’s time to tackle new challenges. RamonEdge harnesses its expertise to provide top-quality service and premium blades for everyone.

For RamonEdge the game has only just begun…