Why choose RamonEdge blades?

We have studied the way of the blade. Literally.

Years of testing prototypes, fining and refining our models, and finding the best methods for the correct maintenance, we have designed the first ready-for-ice blade on the market.

Our reputation comes from bringing satisfaction to players of all levels from junior leagues to international games. The story of RamonEdge has travelled from player to player in locker rooms – and the quality speaks for itself. Many of the hard-boiled ice hockey professionals come from Finland – and we have been with them on this journey for over a decade.

A well-fit profile of the blade makes skating more cost-efficient. This means that less effort is going for staying on the blades and making them go into the right direction, and the energy is focused on the game itself. RE blades have been optimized to go where the player needs them to go – because in ice hockey, there is no time for hesitation.

Wonder who are already wearing RE?