What we stand for

The blade is a part of the player, so the blade must stay on top of the game.

Our ideology comes from learning from the players while simultaneously teaching them about the importance of choosing the correct blade.

The blade is a part of the player, so the blade must stay on top of the game.

By being part of the RamonEdge team, you make sure that your blades stand for what you value the most. Just as every good team player, RamonEdge also stands for


With RamonEdge you can always rely on the quality of our products and services. Our blades are made of high-quality materials; profiled and fined for peak performance. Blades are the most important part of skating – do not take any chances with their maintenance. Even the best of blades can be destroyed with poor maintenance, but RE Service Centers will always provide top quality services and premium fining.


We leave no space for chance – we provide perfection every time. Our methods have been refined by continuous research and by our experience at the top, working with the best of the best. We make sure that when you get on the ice, you will lead the blades and not the other way around. With RamonEdge’s famous precision, the blades become a part of you.

Mastery of craft

For the professionals, by professionals. We understand steel and know how to make it work perfectly together with the player and ice. Expertise on steel, over ten years of experience with professional players, and continuous research goes into the quality of RamonEdge. Our love for the craft and sport drives us forward. Our greatest reward is to see the skater thrive on the challenging element that is ice.


We do what we do, and we do it best because of love and sincere interest in the craft. Because of that, RamonEdge is unique. From the very beginning, we have followed our own ways – and others have followed suit. RamonEdge is committed to providing absolute customer satisfaction you cannot get from anywhere else, no matter the age or skill-level of a skater.